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Community Living Hamilton – Summer Virtual Programming

  • Community Living Hamilton is offering virtual recreation and leisure programs free of charge to all persons with developmental disabilities aged 18 and over.

EarlyON Centres

  • EarlyON Centres offer free high quality online programs for parents/caregivers with children ages 6 and under. For details, visit

Free books from Flyleaf Publishing

  • A free resource to help facilitate online reading instruction and learning.

Virtual kids’ camps and programs

  • The following camps and kids’ programs offer virtual programming during the outbreak. Virtual kids’ camp is an ideal way to keep your child engaged, with structured learning and activities. Click here

Bear Grylls has 100 ‘indoor survival challenges’ for kids under isolation

  • The world-renowned adventurer and chief Scout has teamed up with the Scouts UK to launch ‘The Great Indoors’ initiative, a collection of more than 100 activities that children (and adults) can do to tackle boredom and stave off cabin fever. Click here

Chatterpack’s list of free, online, boredom-busting resources

  • Chatterpack provides free online resources for schools, parents and young people with special needs and disabilities. These boredom-busting resources will provide viewers with an opportunity to go on virtual tours of museums and zoos, try out different online courses and listen to live music performances from around the world. Click here

Stay-at-Home Guide for Kids With FASD

  • NOFAS-UK provides resources that help support those with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FASD) at home and in school. The stay-at-home guide helps young people with FASD create visual schedules and plan how they will spend their time at home. Click here

Scholastic Learn at Home projects

  • Scholastic Learn at Home provides children, parents and teachers with online learning tools such as electronic books, lessons, quizzes and videos across a variety of different subjects. Click here

Audio Books and Activities

Stay-at-Home Care Package from Big Life Journal

  • Indoor Games & Activities to get your children moving
  • “I’m Bored” list of indoor activities for children (both alone and with their siblings)
  • “Things I Can Do” for teens and older children
  • Stay-at-home resources including growth mindset movie, TV shows, and book lists
  • My Daily Learning Projects template for kids (shared previously)” Click here

Storyline Online

  • Videos featuring celebrated actors including Viola Davis, Allison Janney, Chris Pine, Wanda Sykes, Justin Theroux, and Betty White reading children’s books alongside creatively produced illustrations, helping to inspire a love of reading in children. Click here

The Big List of Children’s Authors Doing Online Read-Alouds & Activities

  • With kids at home and parents looking for educational activities, many of our favorite authors are offering online read-alouds and activities on social media. We’ve rounded up over 50 of the best virtual author activities: Read-Alouds for Elementary School Kids, Virtual Author Activities for Middle School, Virtual Author Activities for High School & Young Adults. Click here

Harry Potter Digital Escape Room

  • During this activity, you will be watching clips from Harry Potter movies, answering questions from the clips, heading into Gringotts where you’ll have to figure out the exchange rate between sickles and galleons, figure out how to do different spells and much, much more! Click here


The Lion King Experience: At Home

  • An immersive arts education program that introduces students to many aspects of theater-making through the lens of The Lion King. Click here

Go Noodle: Good Energy Summer

  • is a free online resource that provides tons of ways for kids and families to be active, stay mindful, have fun, and learn throughout the summer! Click here

YMCA GTA Free Virtual Children’s Activities

Ontario Science Centre: Enjoy free, family-friendly films

  • Dinosaurs Alive!, Mummies: Secrets of the Pharaohs and Wild Ocean—courtesy of our friends at Giant Screen Films and D3D Cinema. The best part? Each film comes with a downloadable education guide that includes easy, try-it-at-home activities. Click here

Virtual Roller Coaster Rides

  • Canada’s Wonderland is now letting thrill-seekers experience virtual rides from the comfort of their own homes. Check out 16 roller- coasters, 11 thrill rides and seven family rides on the park’s YouTube channel from a first-person ‘point-of-view’ (POV) perspective. Click here

National Film Board of Canada (NFB)

  • The National Film Board of Canada (NFB) has over 4,000 films available for free online, offering a vast selection of short and feature-length films, whether you’re looking for animation, documentary or fiction. Click here

International Documentary Film Association

  • Explore free films and interactive documentaries that have been shown at International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam over the years.  Use the drop down under subject to choose. Click here

Physical Fitness

Variety Village workout routines that you can do at home

  • Variety Village has complied some pretty great exercise videos that can be done from a chair or for people with limited mobility. Click here

YMCA: Online fitness classes for all ages

  • You can take group exercise classes for all ages right in your own home at no charge for a limited time! There are also sports classes and more for our young people. Click here

Cosmic Kids Yoga

  • Yoga, mindfulness and relaxation designed specially for kids aged 3+, used in schools and homes all over the world. click here

Virtual Tours & Live Cams

Kids Out and About

  • Kids Out and About have put together a list of free virtual events that you can stream from the comfort of your own home. From sing-alongs to science experiments, there’s something for everyone! Click here. 

12 famous museums offer virtual tours you can take on your couch

  • Google Arts & Culture teamed up with over 500 museums and galleries around the world to create free virtual tours and online exhibits of some of the most famous museums around the world. Click here

Beat the COVID-19 Blues With These Wildlife and Nature Livecams

  • Nature webcams from around the world: Tembe Elephant Park – Mozambique ; Decorah Eagles -Iowa; Gorilla Forest Corridor – Democratic Republic of Congo; Coral City -Miami; Panama Fruit Feeder – Panama;  Big Sur Condors – California; Otters and more – Monterey Bay; Bison Watering Hole – Saskatchewan;  New York University’s Hawk Cam; Jellyfish at Monterey Bay Click here

Bird Cams: A virtual window into the natural world of birds

  • The Cornell Lab Bird Cams connects viewers worldwide to the diverse and intimate world of birds. We work to make watching an active experience, sparking awareness and inspiration that can lead to conservation, education, and engagement with birds. Click here

Live Views from the Georgia Aquarium

  • Including Southern Sea otter, Indo-pacific Barrier Reef, Ocean Voyager, African Penguin and California Sea Lion webcams. Click here

Ripleys Aquarium of Canada, shark cam

  • 24-hour live cam view of the shark tank at Ripley’s Aquarium in Toronto. Click here

A few resources from ConnectABILITY that might help

NEW COVID-19: Supporting Children’s Play through Stressful Times

  • Play has an important role in childhood as it supports early learning. Click here

Steps to Independence

  • While you are stuck at home, why not use your time and this guidebook to determine how prepared you are for semi-independent living. Click here

Connected Families

  • A meeting place for you to connect with others. It is a private area of the site where you can share your story or ideas with the community. Click here 
  • Register to become a member. All we ask for is your name and email address and we’ll email you a password. For more information on how to sign up and use Connected Families.

Staying safe online and social media

  • Tips and strategies to keep you safe online click here

Visuals Engine

  • Create your own story books with the Visuals Engine. Use the picture library or upload your own pictures.  click here

Money handling and counting

  • How good are your money handling and counting skills? How fast can you give change? 3 online games to challenge yourself with – Money Magic, Money Master and Peter Pig’s Money Counter click here

Creating and Using an Activity Calendar

  • Create an activity calendar to help your child to see what will happen during the week and plan activities while you’re at home. Click Here.

Creative Circle Time: Music, Stories & Games

  • Create your own circle time at home using these songs, lyrics, props and tip sheets. Click here.

Creating Rules That Work

  • Work with your child to co-develop rules around physical distancing and social isolation. Discuss the importance of following the rules to stop the spread of germs and staying healthy. Click here.

Taking Care of Myself

  • Why not use this time at home to help your child develop and establish self-care skills? This section will provide you with the tools you need to build these skills during daily routines, such as mealtime, dressing, washroom and sleep. Click here. Don’t forget the importance of washing your hands too!

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